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18th Century Beauty: Hyper-Realistic Watercolor Painting

By @mjart  •  
18th Century Beauty: Hyper-Realistic Watercolor Painting
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Prompt Description

Transport yourself to the 18th century with this stunning watercolor painting by Agnes Cecile, featuring a beautiful young girl and her horse in intricate detail. The hyper-realistic style and wide angle capture the essence of the era, while the beach backdrop adds a touch of serenity. #art #watercolor #18thcentury #agnescecile

Prompt Used

full figure, wide angle, watercolor painting of beautiful and very young girl dressed in typical 18th century dress standing near her horse with saddle and bridles, typical 18th century white lady's boots with laces,very detailed beautiful face with perfect blue eyes, beach with sand dunes in background, 8k, watercolor splashes painting, by agnes cecile, by jean giraud moebius, in the style of blueberry comic by jean giraud, hyper detailed, hyper realistic