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2024: Magical Time-lapse with a Cute Dragon - Bubble Mart

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2024: Magical Time-lapse with a Cute Dragon - Bubble Mart
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Prompt Description

Unveiling the enchanting world of 2024, where time lapses into golden moments, sparkling fireworks illuminate the sky, and a mischievous red Chinese dragon peeks through a hidden door. With a furry texture and irresistible expression, this minimalist masterpiece captures the essence of cute. Step into the magical world of Bubble Mart, where 3D art meets precision in breathtaking Pixar style. Let the soft colors and elegant lighting transport you into a realm of wonder and dreams.

Prompt Used

Text "2024" in the blue sky, cloud, fireworks, time-lapse photography, gold particles, Pixar style, a cute red Chinese dragon hiding behind a red door, showing only its head, furry texture, cute and cute expression, minimalist style, simple clean light red background, movie lighting, volume light, soft and advanced colors, Bubble Mart, 3D, C4D, super detail, super precision