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3D Pixar Style Cute Girl IP Blind Box - High Detail Art

By @mjart  •  
3D Pixar Style Cute Girl IP Blind Box - High Detail Art
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Prompt Description

Bringing the cuteness to life with the best quality 3D art! Meet our confident and stylish brunette Lasian girl, rocking the Pixar character style with her long hair, glasses, and denim top. With super detailed features, soft colors, and a gradient background, she's the perfect addition to your blind box collection. Created with high detail using C4D and Blender, this artwork is a true masterpiece. #artstation #ip #popmart #3Dart #8k

Prompt Used

3d Pixar character style, ip by pop mart cute brunette lasian girl,A cool girl with long hair, glasses and a denim top gives the camera a confident smile,with wink,rocks, super detail, gradient background, soft colors, soft lighting, high detail, art station, art, ip, blind box, 8k, best quality, 3d, c4d, blender