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Abstract Realism: Soulages, Mondrian & Howard

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Abstract Realism: Soulages, Mondrian & Howard
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Prompt Description

An electrifying fusion of styles and emotions, this painting captures the raw beauty of nature with its hyper-detailed depiction of a zebra on a dry grass plain. The cinematic lighting and long shadows add depth and drama, while the saturated contrast and rough edges create a sense of fragmented realism. With elements of abstract, hard-edge, and expressionist painting, this work is a true masterpiece of emotional gestural strokes.

Prompt Used

A collaboration of Pierre Soulages & Piet Mondrian & Ken Howard, A painting of a zebra on a dry grass plain, hyper detailed, cinematic lighting, long shadows, saturated contrast, rough edges, abstract painting, fragmented realism, expressionism, hard-edge painting, emotional gestural strokes