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Adorable Chocolate Border Collie Enjoying a Swim

By @mjart  •  
Adorable Chocolate Border Collie Enjoying a Swim
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Enjoying the golden hour with my furry friend 🐾🌅🐶

Prompt Used

realistic photo of a cute chocolate border collie in a lake, his head is above the water and he is chewing a stick while he swims toward the 'camera', and water sprays in the air. it is golden hour and the sun lights the scene peeking through trees from behind. use an f/0.5 aperture and focus on the dog's eyes to make them sharp, and the background and foreground are out of focus with creamy bokeh. use a 200mm lens and place the dog in the center of the image. use the rule of thirds, the dog's face is one-third of the frame of the image