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Adorable Disney Raya & Awkwafina Cuddle in Asian Temple

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Adorable Disney Raya & Awkwafina Cuddle in Asian Temple
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Prompt Description

Charming Raya and her playful dragon companion, Awkwafina, find solace amidst the serene beauty of an Asian temple under the warm rays of the sun. This stunning 3D artwork, created with meticulous attention to detail using C4D, Octane Render, and advanced ray tracing techniques, captures the essence of Pixar and Disney's beloved style. With the use of clay materials and the mesmerizing effects of animation lighting, the scene radiates an ultra-detailed charm. The masterful rendering, combined with the touch of depth of field, brings the magical world of Raya and the Last Dragon to life.

Prompt Used

a very cute disney's Raya character from Raya and the Last Dragon, cuddling her dragon Awkwafina, in beautiful asian temple, at sunny day, 3d art, c4d, octane render, ray tracting, clay material, popmart blind box, Pixar trend, animation lighting, depth of field, ultra detailed, pixar disney's style