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Adorable White Sea Otter Pup: Stunning Close-Up Capture

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Adorable White Sea Otter Pup: Stunning Close-Up Capture
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Prompt Description

Introducing the adorable white sea otter pup with captivating eyes, showcasing a clean and vibrant close-up shot captured with Canon RF 16mm f/2.8 STM lens. Its snow-white fur and silly expression make for a mesmerizing composition against the bokeh-filled background. Immerse yourself in the realistic, detailed 8K experience as you gaze into its curious eyes.

Prompt Used

A white sea otter pup, snow white, all white fur on his body, dry body shot, big eyes, standing by the pool, silly expression, clean composition, bokeh in the background, highly saturated colors, Canon RF 16mmf: 2. 8 STM lens, realistic, detailed, 8K, close - up looking up