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Adventurous Chase: 12-Year-Old Asian Boy vs. Giant T-Rex

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Adventurous Chase: 12-Year-Old Asian Boy vs. Giant T-Rex
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Prompt Description

Capturing the heart-pounding adventure of a 12-year-old running from a colossal T-Rex in the mesmerizing woods. The grainy, analog photography amplifies the intensity and immerses you in the action. #IncredibleAdventure #AnalogThrills

Prompt Used

A 12-year-old young asian boy being chased by a giant T-Rex in a woods, in the style of Analog noisy photography, side view, cinematography style, in the style of canon ae-1, 32k uhd, grainy, in the style of low speed film, canonet ql17 giii, 32k uhd, in the style of graflex speed graphic, intense action scenes, minolta hi-matic 7sii, blurred imagery, rollei prego 90, in the style of color photography pioneer, photo taken with provia, unpolished authenticity, hasselblad hc 100mm f/2.2, flowing fabrics, ricoh ff-9d,