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Anubis: A Gothic Neoclassical Masterpiece

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Anubis: A Gothic Neoclassical Masterpiece
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Prompt Description

Anubis, the mythical god, captured in a stunning masterpiece of white and blue azulejo tiles, gothic and neoclassical elements, and elegant gold accents. Shot by Wes Anderson with Canon50 and beautiful lighting, this highly detailed piece showcases unreal engine and Octane Render technology, highlighting Anubis' symmetrical and detailed facial features and striking eyes. A true antique classical beauty, yet with a touch of sadness, this piece brings mythology to life in stunning HD, 3D, HQ, and IQ 180.

Prompt Used

Mythological god Anubis made of azulejo’s white and blue, gothic, gold, Neoclassical, elegant, beauty, antique classical, shot photography by Wes Anderson, masterpiece, Canon50, Beautiful Lighting, Sad, highly detailed, detailed facial features, unreal engine, Octane Render, very detailed eyes, symmetrical eyes, mythology, hd, 3d, hq, iq 180