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Arctic Warrior: Photo Real Fantasy Movie

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Arctic Warrior: Photo Real Fantasy Movie
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Prompt Description

Behold the power and strength of the arctic warrior, with her sword in hand and steel circlet in her hair. A true fantasy hero brought to life in this photorealistic film shot with stunning cinematography and subtle muted colors.

Prompt Used

Photo real, Fantasy movie. Full body walking toward the camera, two arms, sword in one hand, clenched fist in the other. head to toe wide shot including the entire warrior. Fantasy warrior of snow and ice. She is powerful and strong. Massive elaborate full silver blue hair in thick wide braids, Steel Circlet entwined in her hair from under her hair, looking at the camera, 1girl female arctic warrior in the style of fantasy dungeons and dragons, beautiful latina telenova face, beautiful lips slightly parted, arctic snow, metal armor, axe and shield, long shiny metalic wire braided into hair, tied into other elaborate braids, large anime blue eyes, in the style of Von Wong photography + Greig Fraser cinematography + Von Wong lighting using broncolor lights, high resolution, 8k, hyper real, subtle muted colors, film, atmospheric, using 35mm Zeiss Anamorphic Lenses, film, film grain, photoreal, photorealism, realistic face, swords on her belt, cinematic, full frame shot, widescreen, rule of two thirds, Anamorphic, golden mean, dynamic pose, realism, bokeh, depth staging, color theory, cinematic color grade: