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Award-Winning Portrait of Cindy Starfall in Red Velvet Dress

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Award-Winning Portrait of Cindy Starfall in Red Velvet Dress
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Prompt Description

Capturing the beauty and detail of Cindy Starfall's stunning portrait with Hasselblad's ultra high definition technology.

Prompt Used

Award winning frontal upwr body portrait of Cindy Starfall 21 year old, extremely beautiful face : : 3, red velvet empire dress, upturned almond shaped monolid eyes, narrow smaller pointy chin, very small narrow nose, small mouth half opened, full lips : : 2, very thin eyebrows, long wild hair twintails, natural makeup light pink lipstick, smokey eyes, beautifully filled curved body, Hasselblad photograph, hyper-realistic, ultra-detailed, perfect contrast, high sharpness, depth of field, raytraced, global illumination, smooth, ultra high definition, ultra sharp focus, photograph, Hasselblad, 32k, style of Leonardo.AI Dreamshaper sameseed 2605095556