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Beyond Flowers: Surreal 3D Rendering & Top CG Photography

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Beyond Flowers: Surreal 3D Rendering & Top CG Photography
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Prompt Description

Experience the surreal beauty of nature captured in stunning detail through the art of 3D rendering and professional photography.

Prompt Used

3D rendering, top CG, surreal photography, hell, on a stone with a little moss in the valley, three red beyond flowers, the heart of the flower is like the sea, the stamen is like lightning, the slender bright star, the red beyond flower, many green leaves, the art of light and shadow, clear details, piercing lights, clear petal edges, small dew drops on petals, beautiful, romantic, beautiful lighting, ultra high definition, front photo, Nikon photography, Sony photography, Hasselblad photography, incredible detail, sharp, detailed professional lighting, photographic lighting, 128hd