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Black Queen in Peacock Fashion: Hyperrealistic Art

By @mjart  •  
Black Queen in Peacock Fashion: Hyperrealistic Art
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Prompt Description

Unleashing her fierce beauty, this queen reigns supreme in the depths of the dark forest, adorned with intricate peacock fashion and surrounded by a surreal menagerie of crows, falcons, and peacocks.

Prompt Used

The fullbody 2d of a hot beautifull black american woman as queen with big chest in bamboo and dark forest insanely detailed with crows, falcons and peacocks hyperrealistic, dressing with hot peacock style high fassions and elegant top insanely detailed and intricate, very symetrical emerald eyes hd, very well defined black long voluminous curly hair, elegant jewels with peacock feather insanely detailed, peacock wings cape surrealist, great peacock headcrown high fassions style insanely detailed and intricate, realistic big crow as her pet, hiding hands With big leaves of the forest, legs covered by leaves tatoos ,extra wide view insanely detailed dark forest animals background, dark and fierce vibes, high resolution, hyper reallistic and digital style,deviantart, Shinning Nikki game style, Backlighting, Natural Lighting, Incandescent, 8k,