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Captivating Chinese Beauty: Tall, Alluring & Timeless

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Captivating Chinese Beauty: Tall, Alluring & Timeless
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Prompt Description

Gazing into the distance, capturing the ethereal beauty of a 19-year-old Chinese beauty with her long legs, thick black hair, and ankle-high black suede boots. A moment frozen in time, surrounded by a white background, bathed in soft, natural light. Every footstep leaves a mark, as shadows delicately cascade, with sharp focus capturing the essence of her captivating presence. Shot on 24 film, the super real image requires no contrast, perfectly grading the beauty of reality.

Prompt Used

19-year-old Chinese very tall beauty,long legs ,thick black hair,ankle-high black suede boots,mitt,footstep,white background, distant view,Super real,no contrast,soft shadows, sharp focus, 24, film, natural, grading