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Chinese Dragon Mythology: Epic 3D Animation & Martial Arts Game

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Chinese Dragon Mythology: Epic 3D Animation & Martial Arts Game
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Prompt Description

Embark on a mythical journey as ancient Chinese martial arts mythology comes to life through mesmerizing three-dimensional animation. Marvel at the giant translucent Chinese dragon gracefully swimming in the crystal-clear Olympic pool, with each movement creating captivating ripples on the surface. Witness the fusion of traditional-style mobile gaming and movie-level special effects as a fearless Chinese girl in a vibrant red Hanfu fearlessly rides this magnificent dragon.

Prompt Used

Aerial view, a giant translucent Chinesedragon swimming on the Olympic pool. the water is clear and transparent. A chinese girl in a red Hanfu is riding the dragon, the dragon is creating layers of ripples on the surface. Depicting ancientChinese martial arts mythologythree-dimensional animation, CGanimation modeling, traditional-stylemobile game, movie-level speciaeffects