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Chinese Flying Dragon: Exquisite Spring Festival Poster

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Chinese Flying Dragon: Exquisite Spring Festival Poster
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Prompt Description

Step into the captivating realm of the Spring Festival, where the exquisite Chinese flying dragon comes to life in a mesmerizing poster! Witness the finesse of every intricate detail, from its slender body to the impeccable line art. Experience the perfect harmony of asymmetrical balance as this majestic creature floats across the HD canvas, surrounded by a breathtaking background showcasing the enchanting beauty of ink painting. Immerse yourself in this visual masterpiece, and let the vibrant spirit of the Spring Festival ignite your senses.

Prompt Used

Design a Spring Festival poster, Chinese flying dragon, full body view, fine details, slender body, line art, asymmetrical balance, HD, background ink painting style - ar9:16-s250-v5.2 -