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Cinematic Android Geisha: Photorealistic Ivory Beauty

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Cinematic Android Geisha: Photorealistic Ivory Beauty
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Prompt Description

Behold the stunning android geisha, a cinematic masterpiece brought to life with photorealistic detail. Her ivory complexion and intricate tribal tattoos perfectly complement her alluring feminine features and mechanical anatomy. With piercing green eyes and transparent skin, her symmetrical beauty is truly captivating. This dramatic and volumetric character portrait is a true work of art, brought to life with cinematic lighting and rendered in stunning 8k resolution.

Prompt Used

very gorgeous android robot geisha woman as cinematic and photorealistic character made out of ivory, porcelain face, complex tribal tattoos, alluring female features, mechanical features anatomical, green eyes, transparent skin, symmetry, character portrait, beautiful face, full body, dramatic, volumetric, cinematic lighting, 8k