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Cosmicpunk Nightmare God: Breathtaking Paper Craft Collage

By @mjart  •  
Cosmicpunk Nightmare God: Breathtaking Paper Craft Collage
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Prompt Description

An otherworldly masterpiece - a stunning paper craft collage of a cosmicpunk nightmare god, with a reflective mirror face and dynamic pose, set against a breathtaking solar system space station backdrop. The sharp brush strokes and photorealistic drawing bring this ultra low angle full-body portrait to life, with volumetric and rim lighting adding to the colorful and insanely detailed 4k experience.

Prompt Used

paper craft collage, breathtaking, full-body portrait, ultra low angle, cosmicpunk nightmare god in front of a solar system space station, ethereal reflective mirror face, dynamic pose, zbrush, sharp brush strokes, photorealistic drawing, colorful, volumetric light, rim light, 4k, insanely detailed