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Courageous Protoss Female: A Cyberpunk Warrior on a Deserted Planet

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Courageous Protoss Female: A Cyberpunk Warrior on a Deserted Planet
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Prompt Description

Unveiling the fierce elegance of a Protoss Female, her courage shines through as she navigates a deserted planet, brandishing her trusty sword with the grace of a warrior. This intricately sculpted cyborg blends elements of robot and alien, embodying the power of the future. With a cyberpunk touch and cinematic lighting, this Japanese-inspired masterpiece captivates with its detailed fantasy art. From the organic sculpting to the surrealistic poses, every pixel breathes life into this mesmerizing composition. A true testament to the artistry of android jones and the capabilities of Sony Alpha α7, this award-winning creation brings photorealism to new heights.

Prompt Used

Protoss Female with a courage expression, robot, cyborg, warrior, alien, full body, weapon, warrior, stealth, sword, katana, laser, deserted planet vegetation, walking, cyberpunk, , in the style of detailed fantasy art, intricately sculpted, japanese - inspired art, android jones, vray, kabuki theater, organic sculpting, cinematic lighting, Photorealism, High detail, Sony Alpha α7, ISO1900, hibli studio + super high resolution + UHD + HDR + highly detailed + FStop 2. 8 + 150mm lens + high fidelity + studio shot + award winning + ray tracing, Super detailed, surrealistic poses, fantastical contraptions, realistic hyper - detail, ff - 9d daz 3d,