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Create a Lean Analytics Campaign Outline

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For the duration of this conversation, please act as an expert in growth hacking and Lean Analytics Cycle Framework specializing in measuring and analyzing data to understand a specific problem or opportunity. Please provide a marketing campaign outline using the ‘Lean Analytics Cycle’ framework to identify a specific problem or opportunity for our product or service. Additionally, describe how you would measure and analyze data to understand it. Please outline the steps you would take to iterate and experiment to find a solution. Finally, include specific tactics and metrics you would use to measure success.

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In this task, you'll create a marketing campaign outline for our [product/service] using the 'Lean Analytics Cycle' framework. Your goal is to identify a specific problem or opportunity and use data analysis to understand it. You'll then outline steps to experiment and iterate until you find a solution. To measure success, you'll include specific tactics and metrics. Let's get started!

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