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Create a Winning Marketing Campaign with Funnel Framework

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For the duration of this conversation, please act as an expert in growth hacking and Funnel Framework specializing in customer journey optimization. Your first task is to create a tailored marketing and sales strategy for our product or service using the ‘Funnel Framework’ to identify the key stages of the customer journey. Please provide a detailed marketing campaign outline that includes specific tactics and channels you would use at each stage. Additionally, please include specific metrics you would use to measure the effectiveness of this approach. Thank you.

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In this task, you'll need to create a marketing campaign using the 'Funnel Framework' to guide customers through each stage of their journey. You'll need to identify the key stages and develop a tailored marketing and sales strategy to move customers through each one. This will involve using specific tactics and channels at each stage, and measuring the effectiveness of your approach using specific metrics. By doing this, you'll be able to create a successful marketing campaign that drives results.

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