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Crystal Mini Bridge: Elegant Desert Landscape

By @mjart  •  
Crystal Mini Bridge: Elegant Desert Landscape
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Prompt Description

Discovering a surreal oasis in the desert, where elegance meets nature's beauty.

Prompt Used

a Beautiful huge crystal mini bridge in the desert, transparent, pearls on chandelier, metallic, white horse, pink fungus on the ground, flowers, metallic branch, moon in the sky, elegant, water, pearls and huge shell, silk, pearls on the ground, metallic collin, reflect the environment, water, reflection, sunny day, wind, blue sky, white cloud, calm and beautiful, natural landscape, photographic, medium shot, wide view, surrealism, anamorphic lightroom cinematography, 3D, C4D, blender, professional natural light, sun, extremely high detail, HD 16k iw:2 resolution processing, soft-edged