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Dark-skinned Arcanist Eugena in Arabian Style

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Dark-skinned Arcanist Eugena in Arabian Style
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Prompt Description

Unleashing the power of magic with style and grace, Eugena Washington stuns in her Arabian-inspired attire and mesmerizing orange accessories.

Prompt Used

Action pose of dark-skinned female arcanist "Eugena Washington"--2 with “very dark carbon complexion”--2, Unreal Engine, Arabian style, Persian flair, orange necklace, “low-hanging Kate Upton-sized chest”--2, open front, elegant, tight orange turban, straight white hair, wearing orange cloak over black metal bodice, 70mm, vogue, ray tracing, ambient occlusion, filmic, octane render, hyper detail, 80mm, depth of field, dramatic lighting, volumetric lighting, hyper detail, photorealistic face, octane render, unreal 5, cinematic 8k, shot on film 16:9