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Delicate & Fashionable: Chinese Pavilion's Minimalist Style

By @mjart  •  
Delicate & Fashionable: Chinese Pavilion's Minimalist Style
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Prompt Description

Capturing the essence of minimalist elegance, this fashion photograph showcases a Chinese pavilion amidst sparkling waters and vibrant neon lights, against a pristine white background. With bright lighting and soft contrast, the medium shot, looking up, presents a shift axis effect while the 100mm lens ensures the finest super detail. A perfect blend of delicacy and high-end style, this close-up shot exudes a sense of refinement.

Prompt Used

a chinese pavilion and water, james turrell, neon bricht colors ,white backgound,fashion photography, medium shot, looking up, bright lighting and soft contrast,to createminimalist yet fashionable style, with a sense of delicacy and high end sense, close-up, shift axis effect photocraphy, 100mm lens, the best quality of super detail