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Determined Runner: Energy on Urban Streets

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Determined Runner: Energy on Urban Streets
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Prompt Description

The streets may be still, but my spirit races ahead.

Prompt Used

Create a visual for a race that exudes dynamism and competitiveness, set on a street with a focus on the shoes/ankles. Capture the energy and determination of the race through an image that conveys movement and a desire to compete. Set the scene on an urban street with perspectives stretching towards the horizon to suggest motion. The focal point of the image should be on the running shoes and ankles of the runner, capturing the moment they make contact with the ground with force as they propel forward. Use dynamic lighting to accentuate shadows and reflections on the street, implying speed and tension. Incorporate details such as flying sweat droplets, motion blur, and motion lines to emphasize the sense of movement. must not contain trails of water no water