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Digital Art: Optical Maze & Geometric Shapes in 3D

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Digital Art: Optical Maze & Geometric Shapes in 3D
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Prompt Description

Exploring the intricate world of optical illusions and digital art through complex modeling and high-tech photography techniques.

Prompt Used

Optical maze, geometric shapes, mirror reflections, intricate grids, fluid dynamics, refraction, lighting effects, irregular patterns, digital simulation, steel texture, spiral structures, circuit board style, depth perception, perspective effects, vibrant colors, lens blur, motion blur, shadow effects, texture mapping, reflection, mirror mode, ray tracing, complex modeling, 3D rendering, high definition, real-time rendering, GPU acceleration, software-hardware integration, modern art, digital art. Photography technical parameters: high-speed shutter, long exposure, multi-angle shooting, multi-light source shooting, multiple exposure, high contrast, high color saturation, high dynamic range, wide color gamut.