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Discover a Hyperdetailed Dwarven Village

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Discover a Hyperdetailed Dwarven Village
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Prompt Description

Journeying through a hyperdetailed fantasy dwarven village, the stone bridge over the glacier stream leads to a breathtaking landscape of craggy mountains and towering trees. The vibrant colors of hyacinths and lichen contrast against the rugged rocks, while the cinematic lighting creates long shadows and a saturated contrast. A sunrise over the horizon paints the clouds with a stunning array of colors, reminiscent of the works of Erin Hanson, Donato Giancola, and Nicolas de Stael.

Prompt Used

Fantasy Dwarven Village, stone bridge, Glacier stream, rocks, lichen, Hyacinths, logs, trees, craggy mountains, clouds, sunrise, hyperdetailed, Erin Hanson/Donato Giancola/Nicolas de Stael, cinematic lighting, long shadows, saturated contrast