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Divine 3D Art with Iridescent RB Hair & Cinematic Lighting

By @mjart  •  
Divine 3D Art with Iridescent RB Hair & Cinematic Lighting
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Prompt Description

Experience the divine cinematic edge with ultra-detail and transparent iridescent colors in this stunning artwork by Serafleur, featuring a mesmerizing view of Disney with low saturation and reflections. The RGB background and chiaroscuro lighting add to the overall aesthetic, making it a true masterpiece in 8K ultra HD quality.

Prompt Used

looking at viewergirl,disney,Super details, nighlydetailed,low saturation, reflections transparentiridescent colors.long transparent iridescent RB hairart by Serafleurfrom artstation, RGB background.divine cinematic edgelighting, soft focus, chiaroscuro8K. best quality.ultra-detail.ultra-detail. 3d.c4d.blender, OC renderer.cinematic lighting, ultra HD,3Drendering