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Edgy Blue-Haired Woman: Award-Winning Fashion Photography

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Edgy Blue-Haired Woman: Award-Winning Fashion Photography
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Prompt Description

Captivating beauty in the city lights, a stunning display of edgy fashion and intricate details captured in high quality, award-winning photography.

Prompt Used

In the night, the edgy woman walking in the city with blue hair and wearing a leather jacket in style of Robert Mapplethorpe. Sexy and dreamy. Intricate details. 22yo model. Beautiful. Cinematic lighting, 8K, sharp details. RAW image. High quality, Fine-art print, HQ. Hypermaximalist, hyperdetailed, award-winning fashion photography, professional colour grading, clean sharp focus. Significant textile textures. Professional color grading. Crystal clear feel. Clean sharp focus. High-end retouching. Fashion magazine photography. Award winning photography. Advertising photography. High Quality. High resolution.