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Egyptian Goddess in Sci-Fi Futuristic Galactic Landscape

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Egyptian Goddess in Sci-Fi Futuristic Galactic Landscape
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Prompt Description

An epic scene of futuristic grandeur, where ancient Egyptian mystique meets advanced technology in a breathtaking symphony of colors and shapes. A visual feast for the eyes, capturing the intersection of tradition and innovation on a distant, mesmerizing planet.

Prompt Used

epic imposing floating Pyramid! Hyperrealistic! And Awe cinematic style photo. The Goddess was associated with love, supernatural, sorcery, egyptian specifically temples, protection, magic, health, embalming, gnosis and occult. Goddess in Hyperrealistic 32k futuristic galactic landscape filled with intricate spacecraft and mirroring chrome ufos in pink coral orange soft pastel lavanda pink contrasting white grey colors, in sci-fi Egyptian style, with a touch of neon glowing white hieroglyphics inserts and the main piece a next generation technologically advance chrome silvery colors mirroring Pyramid (pyramid has intricate textured elaborate 3d hieroglyphics insert and above 'CDP' glowing logo) Cinematic and visually striking scene, miles away, of a grand military parade on a distant, technologically advanced planet. The setting is a vast canyon with towering lavanda and grey rock formations. The parade features rows of soldiers in sleek, futuristic uniforms, marching in perfect symmetry. Dominating the scene are colossal, meticulously detailed robots that resemble mechanical titans, walking beside the soldiers. These robots are a blend of vintage and futuristic styles, incorporating Wes Anderson’s signature pastel colors palette with touches of vibrant white glowing, shinning neon. The atmosphere is awe-inspiring and majestic, emphasizing the military might and the advanced technology of an interstellar kingdom. Include elements that suggest a rich and elaborate culture, with classical architecture that contrasts with the high-tech machinery, all presented in a perfectly symmetrical and visually balanced composition. White chrome silver grey contrasting colors. Gradient colors