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Elvish Princess: Hyperrealistic Cinematic Portrait

By @mjart  •  
Elvish Princess: Hyperrealistic Cinematic Portrait
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Prompt Description

Behold the stunning elvish princess, adorned in a tiara and crown, with a regal dress featuring intricate embroidery and gemstones. Her purple hair cascades down her detailed dress, while her dynamic pose is accentuated by beautiful lighting and shadows. Every detail, from her thin lips and long nose to her detailed eyelashes and jewelry, is hyperrealistic and cinematic. The flowery background adds to the realistic and enchanting atmosphere.

Prompt Used

a beautiful elvish princess, tiara, thin lips, square face, long nose, crown, purple hair, dress with embroidery, gemstones, super detailed, hyperrealistic, cinematic lighting, detailed hair, detailed dress, detailed jewelry, flowery background, realistic, dynamic pose, beautiful light, shadows, 3d, detailed eyelashes, detailed embroidery, cinematic light, realistic