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Emotional Young Woman: Expressive Pose in Bauhaus Glamour Shot

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Emotional Young Woman: Expressive Pose in Bauhaus Glamour Shot
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Prompt Description

Capturing the raw emotion of a young woman in a stunning pose, with long lilac hair and a deep neckline. The bright and painful expression is beautifully contrasted against the white background, creating a cinematic and atmospheric shot. The use of advanced technology and lighting techniques, such as V-ray and rim lighting, adds to the overall glamour and beauty of the image.

Prompt Used

Detailed emotional expression of a young woman. Side view. Attractive and expressive pose. Waist and above. Motion. Long lilac hair. Mouth open. Eyes closed. Painful face. Bright. Deep Neckline. White background. Bright. Deep Neckline. Bauhaus, Atmospheric, Octane render, Unreal engine, V-ray, Ray tracing, Front light, Cinematic, Volumetric, Rim lighting, Low camera, Glamour Shot, Sony alpha, Golden ratio, ISO800, 8k, HD, Full HD. HDR