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Emperor Penguins: Masters of the Antarctic

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Emperor Penguins: Masters of the Antarctic
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Discover the incredible resilience and adaptability of the Emperor penguin, the largest living penguin species, as they navigate the harsh conditions of the Antarctic and work together to protect their young.

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The emperor is the largest living penguin species standing around 115cm tall. Once they have found a partner they usually mate for life and work together to keep their young fed and safe. They might look a bit clumsy on land, but penguins are brilliant swimmers. Emperor penguins have the deepest and longest dives for any bird, often reaching depths of over 200 metres. One bird has been recorded at a depth of 565 metres. Emperor’s are well adapted to thrive in the freezing conditions of the Antarctic. To preserve heat, they have a dense double layer of feathers – about 70 feathers per square inch – large fat reserves and, proportionally, smaller beaks and flippers compared to other penguins. This all helps prevent heat loss. They also work together to keep warm by huddling up in large groups, shuffling round so each gets a turn in the warm centre. Populations have declined by up to 50% in some places and one colony off the Antarctic Peninsula has disappeared completely. The biggest threat to them right now is climate change due to changes in the sea ice they depend on. lighting,correct geometrical display of details, correct geometrical shapes, penguin shapes, Diffuse reflection, close camera angles, collage