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Empress of Psychedelia: Mindful Avatar on Neon Throne

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Empress of Psychedelia: Mindful Avatar on Neon Throne
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Prompt Description

Embodying the essence of an empress, this sitting female demon on her throne exudes power and beauty with her very long blonde hair and tattooed fitness torso. Her legs wide and tanned, she is adorned with insane neon shiny earrings and necklaces, and a giant crown with precious stones. The vivid chameleon and nebula in the background, along with the ying yang shimmering brilliance of the colorful plasma portal, create a psychedelic and shamanic atmosphere. This realistic photo taken by Canon and inspired by Alex Grey's Avatar of Mindfulness is a high-detail masterpiece that transports you to another dimension, reminiscent of the DMT matrix.

Prompt Used

sitting female demon, sitting on throne, vivid chameleon, nebula, very long blonde hair, tattooed fitness tors, legs very wide, tanned, , Brown skin, ying yang shimmering brilliance colorful plasma portal background, great shining columns , chameleon color metal paint, empress , A giant crown with precious stones, insane preferred colorful neon shiny earrings and necklaces, Alex Grey, Realistic photo taken by canon, High details, Avatar of mindfulness Realistic photo , psychedelic, dmt, matrix, shamanic