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Enchanting Slavic Witch: Hyper-realistic Portrait & Magical Concept Art

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Enchanting Slavic Witch: Hyper-realistic Portrait & Magical Concept Art
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Prompt Description

Unveiling the ethereal beauty of a majestic Slavic witch, adorned in a mesmerizing ensemble of a chic witch robe and a grand witch hat, embodying elegance in every essence. Crafted with meticulous precision, this hyper-realistic portrait captures her enchanting features - from her striking jawline to her icy blue eyes, complemented by cascading black tresses. Let the magic unfold as her character concept comes to life, within a fantasy medieval realm of artistry and intrigue.

Prompt Used

Full body shot, Hyper realistic portrait of 36 year beautiful female slavic witch, very tall, with extremely pale skin, with a prominent jawline and cheekbones, long black hair and icy blue eyes, big chest, magical accessories, very good quality witch robe, chic and full of elegance, big witch hat, fantasy medieval, character reference sheet, character concept, character concept art, fantasy character, concept art, correct anatomy, correct proportions, drawn artstyle