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Epic Cityscape Art: Photorealistic & Highly-Detailed

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Epic Cityscape Art: Photorealistic & Highly-Detailed
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Prompt Description

Captivated by the city of dreams from a unique perspective, these stunning artworks capture photorealistic details and vibrant cinematic lighting, creating an epic and highly-detailed experience for the viewer.

Prompt Used

The watchers sat on the edge of the skyscrapers scaffolding above the city of dreams by Anders Zorn, Ivan Shishkin, Donato Giancola, Greg Rutkowski, DSLR RAW Photo, Kodak Portra anamorphic, vibrant cinematic raking light, photorealistic, ultra - realistic, stunning, highly - detailed, sharp focus, epic, subsurface scattering, rule of thirds, chromatic aberration, global illumination, unique perspective