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Exquisite Yellow Lace Gown: High-End Photography

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Exquisite Yellow Lace Gown: High-End Photography
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Prompt Description

Captivating beauty captured in exquisite detail, with vibrant colors and intricate textures. A crystal clear feel and soft shadows create a dreamy atmosphere, while high-end retouching and professional color grading elevate this award-winning photography to new heights.

Prompt Used

a beautiful blonde woman in a yellow lace gown, posing on edge of some stairwell, in the style of jessica drossin, vacation dadcore, exquisite clothing detail, hannah yata, cute and dreamy, Intricate details. Vibrant colors. Significant textures. 8K. Professional color grading. Crystal clear feel. Soft shadows. Clean sharp focus. High-end retouching. Party magazine photography. Award winning photography. Advertising photography. Commercial photography. High Quality. High resolution.