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Fantasy Renaissance Tavern in Japanese Seaside Town

By @mjart  •  
Fantasy Renaissance Tavern in Japanese Seaside Town
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Prompt Description

Step into a fairytale world with this stunning renaissance tavern, nestled in a picturesque seaside town. The intricate rococo architecture, blooming flowers, and cinematic lighting create a truly ethereal atmosphere, especially on a snowy day under a full moon. This hyperdetailed concept art, inspired by the likes of Eddie Mendoza and Darek Zabrocki, is brought to life with Unreal Engine 5.

Prompt Used

Beautiful renaissance tavern on a corner of a japanese renaissance seaside town, hyperdetailed, path, steps, rococo architecture, flowers, fantasy, snowy day, ethereal sky, picturesque, cinematic lighting, full moon, concept art, digital art, in the style of Eddie Mendoza, Jean Baptiste-Monge, Jordan Grimmer, Darek Zabrocki, unreal engine 5