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Fearsome Werewolf Portrait: Cinematic Lighting & Epic Composition

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Fearsome Werewolf Portrait: Cinematic Lighting & Epic Composition
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Prompt Description

Unleashing the primal terror within, this werewolf portrait captures the essence of fear with its cinematic lighting and epic composition. The photorealistic details, fangs and volumetric lighting add to the frightening realism, while the bokeh blur and high level of detail create an unforgettable character design. Shot on Sony Alpha α7 with ISO1900, rendered with Unreal Engine and Octane, and enhanced with HDR and subsurface scattering, this is a true masterpiece of horror.

Prompt Used

Fearsome werewolf, Portrait, Frightening, Fangs, Cinematic lighting, Volumetric lighting, Epic composition, Photorealism, Bokeh blur, Very high detail, Sony Alpha α7, ISO1900, Character design, Unreal Engine, Octane render, HDR, Subsurface scattering,