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Futuristic Bedroom Decor with White Fluffy Bed

By @mjart  •  
Futuristic Bedroom Decor with White Fluffy Bed
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Prompt Description

Step into the future with this hyperrealistic bedroom decor featuring a fluffy white bed and futuristic headboard, surrounded by warm and cool tones and technological accents. 🚀🛏️ #futuristicbedroom #hyperrealism #interiordesign

Prompt Used

very detailed hyperrealism photo, portrait format, front view, to stage a futuristic bedroom decor with a large white bed installed on the futuristic room. The bed is white with a very fluffy white duvet and two 65 x 65 cm square white pillows. We can see a futuristic headboard, original form, white and blue colors. The bed should be in a atmospher with warm and cold colors tones. include accessories such as light fixtures on bedside tables, futuristics lights, technological dial in the background, porthole overlooking space, professional color grading, soft shadows, no contrast, focus sharp focus, a film photography, portrait format, ambient white, blue and gray tones, HD, super resolution,