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Futuristic Borg Fashion: LED Lace Dress with Sexy Pose

By @mjart  •  
Futuristic Borg Fashion: LED Lace Dress with Sexy Pose
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Prompt Description

Boldly going where no fashion has gone before with this hypermaximalist, award-winning photography featuring a stunning lace dress, LED lights, and a seductive pose that showcases strong, muscular legs and piercing eyes. The futuristic background and crystal clear details make this fine-art print a true masterpiece.

Prompt Used

Star Trek Borg. Lace dress, Fashion Concept, led lights. Sexy atractive pose. Hotpants. Piercing eyes. Slight smile. Strong muscular legs.. Long legs. large eyes. Beautiful, cinematic lighting, 8K, sharp details. Crystal clear feel, High quality, Fine-art print, HQ. Futuristic background. Hypermaximalist, hyperdetailed, award-winning fashion photography, professional colour grading, clean sharp focus on face. Clean details.