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Futuristic Boy in Translucent Silver Clothes - 3D Mockup

By @mjart  •  
Futuristic Boy in Translucent Silver Clothes - 3D Mockup
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Prompt Description

Stepping into the future with style and technology, this cool boy shines in his silver translucent outfit adorned with intricate decorations. The dreamy pastel colors and soft shadows create a mesmerizing 3D mockup that's ultra-detailed and high-quality. A blind box of toy adds a playful touch to this futuristic scene.

Prompt Used

A cool boy wearing a glowing translucent material clothes, Silver colored clothes,There are many decorations on the head and clothes,Standing on the realistic ground, Futuristic, Sense of technology, mockup,3D,blind box of toy, full length shot,pastel,translucent shader,shiny materials, clean the background, the best quality, ultra detailed,soft shadows,soft light,dreamy color,C4D, pinterest, bahance