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Futuristic Fashion Photography at Berlin Fashion Week

By @mjart  •  
Futuristic Fashion Photography at Berlin Fashion Week
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Prompt Description

Step into the future of fashion with our ultra-detailed sci-fi designs and cinematic shots at Berlin Fashion Week.

Prompt Used

Fashion photography, Cinematic shot, Global illumination, full body shot, few beautiful sci-fi models, studio photography with mood lighting, Red background, Berlin fashion week, clothing styles for 2060, Accessory design from the future, Big Sci-fi headgear and sunglasses, futuristic fashion design, Sci-fi bodysuit fashion design with headgear as part of the suit, Brown patterns on clothes, ultra details in clothes and models face features, photography, realistic, 8k, soft flash lighting, hyper detailed, ultra wide shot, good amount of ambient lighting, photographed on Hassalblad medium format camera with a 35 mm lens, f2.8, cold tone,