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Futuristic Fitness Woman: 16k Profile View in Neon Gym

By @mjart  •  
Futuristic Fitness Woman: 16k Profile View in Neon Gym
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Prompt Description

Strong, fierce, and ready to conquer in the futuristic gym with a stunning backdrop of green neon and LED lights, this 25-year-old fitness woman nails it with her smooth, long blonde hair, captivating green and blue eyes, and an incredible strong physique. With her hood on and headphones in, she's in the zone, embracing the gentle rain as she stands with her arms folded, radiating power and determination in her sleek black clothes with LED accents. A true vision of strength and beauty in this hyperrealistic setting.

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****16k, profile view of fitness woman of 25 years in a futuristic gym, headphones, green neon background, rain, hood in hair, blonde hair, black clothes with leds, smooth and long hair, green and blue eyes, futuristic, futuristic gym, neon and led background, hyperrealistic style, strong body, darker hair, arms folded, gentle raining, green neon light illumination,