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Glowing Green Magic: Halfling Woman in Epic Medieval Fantasy

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Glowing Green Magic: Halfling Woman in Epic Medieval Fantasy
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Prompt Description

Enchantress of the mystical realm, adorned in a captivating black and gold gown, showcasing breathtaking green magic tattoos. The alluring halfling woman, with her dark straight hair and sun-kissed skin, emanates an ethereal beauty amidst the natural lighting of the alchemist laboratory. A mesmerizing fusion of medieval fantasy and Byzantine-inspired artistry comes to life, a true masterpiece captured by Magali Villeneuve and George Stefanescu in this stunning UHD image.

Prompt Used

profile view of a beautiful halfling woman, dark straight black hair, tan skin,::1glowing green magic tattoos covering entire body::14 , interesting costume, epic medieval fantasy, tattoo art, black and gold gown, natural lighting, alchemist laboratory, byzantine-inspired, magali villeneuve, selective focus, george stefanescu, uhd image::1