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Gnome Sorcerer: Enchanting Blooming Flowers

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Gnome Sorcerer: Enchanting Blooming Flowers
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Prompt Description

A breathtaking masterpiece: Witness the majestic power of the Sorcerer Gnome as he weaves enchantments, transforming the world with a mere wave of his staff. Every intricate brushstroke and vibrant color come together in this stunning 64k UHD artwork, showcasing the magical reflection and refraction of light. Marvel at the serene beauty and harmony created by the balance of blocks and colors, a true work of art. RTX on.

Prompt Used

Sorcerer Gnome: Pose: Cloaked in a gnome-sized wizard robe, wielding a tiny staff. Action: Casting enchantments to make flowers bloom with a wave of the staff., Glittering, Isolated clipart on white background, transparent background clipart, in the style of stanley artgerm lau , 2D Art style, Extreme Long Shot, Full-Length, Full-Body, Wide Field of View, Centered, Portrait, very fine detail, Beautiful reflection and refraction of a single beam of light on the surface of objects and all surrounding objects, full color, various brush strokes, different colors and different thicknesses of colors, the little details. Taking into account the golden ratio in the design of the painting, as well as the balance of blocks and colors, 64k UHD, rtx on