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Golden Suit Lion: A Hauntingly Awesome Collectable Action Figure

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Golden Suit Lion: A Hauntingly Awesome Collectable Action Figure
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Prompt Description

Unleashing the wild side of luxury with this unforgettable portrait of a wealthy hippie lion in a stunning golden suit. The dynamic exposure and warm color palette bring out the vibrant details of this photorealistic masterpiece by Erwin Olaf. From the heterochromia iridum to the ethnic jewelry and mixed media elements, this portrait is a true work of art that cannot be unseen. A perfect addition to any collection, this stylish action figure captures the essence of punk, goth, and cyberpunk 2077 with its ornate details and haunting atmosphere. With 8k resolution and perfect eyes, this portrait is truly awesome and unforgettable. #luxury #wildside #hippielion #goldensuit #photorealistic #ErwinOlaf #mixedmedia #punk #goth #cyberpunk2077 #haunting #collectable #unforgettable

Prompt Used

A super wealthy Hippie muscular lion wearing a beautiful tailored golden suit, heterochromia iridum, misty atmosphere, 8k, highly detailed, perfect eyes, colorful, vibrant, portrait by erwin olaf, warm colour palette, dynamic exposure, low - key light, photorealistic, lense wide open, memorable, stylish, as a collectable action figure, ethnic jewelry, decaying, rust, coal, punk, goth, cyberpunk 2077, mixed media, ornate, bleak, vivid, cannot be unseen, awesome, occult, haunting, 20k,