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Goldfish Can Fly: Dreamlike High Photography in XT4 Film

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Goldfish Can Fly: Dreamlike High Photography in XT4 Film
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Prompt Description

Capturing the vibrant energy of youth intertwined with dreamlike moments, this incredible photograph showcases a girl surrounded by an enchanting riot of color. As goldfish seemingly take flight and flowers bloom, Hitoko Kawauchi's artistry and the natural poses of the subject come to life. The fusion of dadcore fashion and the allure of a vacation, this image invites us to explore the depths of our imagination and embrace the body extensions of an extraordinary world. In a simulation film painted across the sky, the detail and superlative shots of the XT4 film create an interior scene like no other, leaving us covered in awe-inspiring water and joyous goldfish.

Prompt Used

Girl in car full of goldfish and flowers, Goldfish Can Fly, the art of Hitoko Kawauchi, natural poses, dadcore for vacation, energy and pressure of youth, body extension, Golddfish simulation film in the sky, super detail, dreamlike high photography. A riot of colour. Covered with water and goldfish, interior scenes, shot on XT4 film