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Green-haired Artist: Dreamy 3D Render with Intricate Details

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Green-haired Artist: Dreamy 3D Render with Intricate Details
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Prompt Description

Captivated by the stunning artistry of this young and talented painter, bringing to life a world of intricate details and dreamy 3D elements with stunning realism.

Prompt Used

In the afternoon, the creative woman painting in her studio with green hair and wearing an apron in style of Frida Kahlo. Sexy and dreamy. Intricate details. 22yo model. Beautiful. Intriguing 3D elements. Octane render. Unreal Engine 5. High key render. 8K. High resolution. Sharp focus. 3D render, Realistic CGI. Studio lighting. Sharp reflections. Blurred background objects. Ultra photo realistic. Accent Lighting, Global Illumination in Screen Space. Optics, Dispersion, Brightness, Shadows, Roughness, Glare, Ray Tracing Reflections, Lumen Reflections, Cinematic Made by AI.