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Haunted Wonderland: A Trippy Halloween Adventure

By @mjart  •  
Haunted Wonderland: A Trippy Halloween Adventure
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Prompt Description

Brave little trick-or-treater ready to explore the trippy and colorful Haunted House Wonderland on this creepy moonlit night filled with bats, dead trees, and creepy creatures. The photorealistic pulp art with intricate detail and realistic lighting and shading brings this wild and crazy festive scene to life, reminiscent of a trippy Tim Burton animation style.

Prompt Used

little trick or treater child approaching a trippy creepy colorful Haunted House Wonderland, Halloween, creepy moonlit night, colorful, bats, dead trees, creepy creatures, ghouls, goblins, wild, creepy, crazy, festive, photorealistic pulp art, intricate detail, realistic lighting and shading, trippy Tim Burton animation style